love, love, love…


Kalyn and I were sitting with 7 others in a simple living room and they were very angry.  To use one of my many languages that I have acquired over … [Read more...]

Remember the…


I was born and grew up in Southern California in an era that moved from innocence to havoc in one short decade.  The 1960's. When the Beatles … [Read more...]

“Anyone can do it.”


I was looking at their feet as we sat in a large circle in this lean-to shelter that provided shade from the baking sun.  Everyone was barefoot--men, … [Read more...]

the saboteur


In africa we have sabotage.  Some of the best efforts to help change the continent can get hijacked.  There is something that steals the heart of a … [Read more...]

not how i would do it


We had an interesting discussion with a group of people on thursday about new life.  One thought led to another.  First of all, we all think that we … [Read more...]

what filter do we use?


I was talking with a guy in Beirut 2 weeks ago and he asked me a question that made me pause, and think.  He said, "Mike, what filter do you use?"  … [Read more...]

what am i suppose to do with what is in me?


Hurt & Helpless-- It just popped out while we talked.  I had stopped by on a sunny, windy Sunday to see the guys in Masi, just to check in with … [Read more...]

fitting in

believing and following Jesus can lead to rejection by family and friends...

Too Messy Quite honestly, life is too messy in Africa.  Messy, messy, messy.  There are too many problems, too many urgent issues, too many … [Read more...]

being an orphan…


It was their last night together.  A bunch of grown men huddled around their mysterious leader.  He knew what was going to happen.  But they were … [Read more...]

this one


I think I know a recipe for a great eternity.  Call me crazy or presumptuous.  It won't be the first time.  I've been called worse. Given, you, … [Read more...]